Top 10 Things to Do When Moving to Florida as a New Resident
February 16, 2022
Florida is the land of swamps, beautiful marshes, amazing coastal views, and oranges. What’s not to love? The Sunshine State is well-loved for its laid-back environment, great weather, and lack of state taxes. As a new resident, it can be overwhelming. There’s so much to do and so little time to explore. There’s so much […]
The 4 Best Cities in Tennessee
November 1, 2021
It is known as the Volunteer State; it is bordered on one side by mountains with the Mississippi River on the other. It is growing in population and, subsequently, in self storage. Tennessee is a state of many charms and those charms are being discovered by hosts of new residents. According to the 2020 Census […]
4 Places You Should Move to in Texas
November 1, 2021
Texas, at times, seems to be its own country. It has such a rich history and sense of independence, that the expression “Don’t Mess with Texas” almost seems an honest appraisal. However, many people are moving to Texas for the many cultural advantages it offers, whether it be the great college town (and capital) of […]