ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite Move-In-Now Technology is Changing the Storage Industry!

Find, Reserve, Move-in, Pay: All Online

ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite is transforming the way the self storage business works. With its Move-In-Now Technology, ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite users only require a computer or smart phone to select a unit from the storage facility’s website, pay for it, receive a unit number, gate access code, and instantly complete their move-in with lease signing and document uploads if you want.

That’s it!

Some facilities even offer 24/7 access so you can literally move-in “on the spot”. ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite also allows customers that are on the go the ability to access and retrieve information from their account any time of the day.

ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite seamlessly integrates with SiteLink® Web Edition property management software and can be added to most existing storage websites, making the transformation process hassle-free for facility owners.

Our full list of integration partners includes:

  • SiteLink
  • Domico
  • Yardi
  • Storage Commander
  • storEDGE

For facility owners and operators, ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite gets you the most out of your website.

With ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite, you can:

  • Capture abandonments with an advanced cart abandonment system
  • Sell, rent, and pay for multiple supplies in one transaction with the ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite Supply Store
  • Secure your rentals with Biometric ID Verification
  • Streamline your eSign process through ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite’s facility unit uploader

Contact us today and learn more about what ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite can do for your facility!

Image of a person using click and stor on a tablet.

ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite: A Fresh Approach to Storage

ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite is the first fully integrated move-in software platform available to the self storage industry. This innovative new technology enables you to securely complete move-ins directly from a computer or a mobile smartphone without human interaction, giving you what you want – the ability to move into a unit now.

ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite provides you the ability to:

  • Move in 24/7 using real-time data
  • Rent or reserve and pay your bills online
  • Electronically sign forms
  • Receive your gate code online
  • Set up automatic recurring payments
  • All from any device, whether it’s a mobile phone or a desktop PC.

And, since the facility you choose is part of the ClickandStor® Online Rental Suite network, you can benefit from our technology directly on their website with our pioneering website integrations!