June 15, 2022

How to Store Books Long Term

You don’t have to sell or get rid of your collection as long as you have two things: a self-storage unit and the right method of storing long-term. This article will be your guide to storing those books long-term. Here are the steps to take to store your collection of books.

Before Storage

Before storing your collection of books, you will need to dust, clean, and inspect them for any damage. Taping up a torn page now will save the rest of the book later. It’s a good idea to smooth out the bindings and make sure none of the pages are folded up in weird ways. Gather up your collection to determine which books you intend to store away. Organizing them during this stage of the storage process will save you the headache later on. If a book comes with a dust jacket, keep that on the book. Otherwise, invest in book covers for the rest of your collection to prevent any dust or dirt from damaging them. Plastic book covers are waterproof, adding an extra layer of protection.

During Storage

It goes without saying that the level of protection a cardboard box provides is almost inconsequential. Instead, store those books in a plastic bin with a lid. Airtight plastic containers are a nice added bonus. You will want smaller bins to store your books in, as lugging around a huge box of books is both cumbersome and heavy. If your collection of books is especially large it may seem overwhelming, but resist the urge to just toss them in the bins and load them up. Instead, store them neatly and fill in any gaps that remain with bubble wrap or even old towels. This will protect your books from being thrown about in the bins. Another strategy for protecting your books is keeping them off the ground. Simple shelving solves this problem. Keeping your collection off the floor will not only protect it but cut down on the clutter.

After Storage

Storage facilities often offer units that are climate-controlled. This is essential in protecting your books from the cold, heat, and humidity. Exposure to the elements can be devastating to the integrity of your books. Humidity often creates an environment that can cause moisture damage to their pages. Utilizing a climate-controlled storage unit will be your best bet in protecting your belongings. Your collection will naturally be protected from light damage in your windowless storage unit. Periodically visit your storage when you can. It’s a good idea to check in on your belongings from time to time anyway, as anything can happen. Keep an eye out for things like inclement weather and check on your collection as soon as it is safe to do so. Taking note of what occurred and how it affects your unit will establish a pattern of what to look for when regularly inspecting your belongings.