November 1, 2021

4 Places You Should Move to in Texas

Texas, at times, seems to be its own country. It has such a rich history and sense of independence, that the expression “Don’t Mess with Texas” almost seems an honest appraisal. However, many people are moving to Texas for the many cultural advantages it offers, whether it be the great college town (and capital) of Austin, the popular Houston, the beautiful San Antonio, the legendary Dallas and neighboring Ft. Worth.

Ft. Worth and Austin have grown the fastest in the past 10 years, with the former growing by 25.9% and the latter having expanded by 25.5%. Austin shot from 800,000 to over a millions residents. Houston remains the largest city in the state with well over two million locals. Clearly, there is no shortage of people in need of self storage in Texas and they can benefit greatly from the ClickandStor Directory.

Austin Keeps the Music Coming

Frankly, Austin is one of the great cities in the USA. It sports the massive University of Texas and a Longhorn football game is an event in itself. It is the capital of Texas, which brings in people from all over the state.

But it is music that sets the city apart from all others. This is a place that loves live music of all kinds. On any given evening there may be over a hundred music clubs presenting free live music. Austin has more live-music clubs per capita and any other state in the USA. It also hosts the South by Southwest festival and the legendary Austin City Limits TV show.

Houston, We Have Liftoff

Houston is known for its connection to the American space program and you can still visit the original NASA complex just outside of town. And people are moving there because it also has a bustling job market, sunny weather and lower cost of living than most cities of its size.

The NASA Johnson Space Center is the most well-known attraction in Houston, but one might also want to take in the Houston Zoo, the Downtown Aquarium, or the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (this is Texas, after all).

If you like sports, there are the Astros (MLB), Rockets (NBA), Stars (NHL) and Texans (NFL). And the city is absolutely overflowing with great restaurants, notably of the TexMex and BBQ variety.

Take a Walk in San Antonio

There may not be a more beautiful city in Texas than San Antonio. Located close to the border of Mexico, the city brings together the best of Mexican and American culture. The result is great restaurants and a River Walk that enchants all visitors. Visit Market Square to get the best of Mexican crafts and food.

The San Antonio River winds through the town and offers up shops, boutiques, bars, cafes and restaurants. The walk (also known as Paseo del Rio) is a must-do either night or day. Of course, the famous Alamo is in San Antonio and offers up a sobering but inspired history lesson.

Dallas/Fort Worth Are Double Pleasures

Dallas/Fort Worth are inextricably linked, not only by their close proximity to each other but also by the massive airport that many American travelers have used over the years. As it turns out the region is home to over 7.1 million residents. But each city has its own pleasures.

In Ft. Worth you can go back to the cowboy days at the Fort Worth Stockyards, complete with Western artifacts, Bonnie and Clyde’s hideout and twice-daily cattle drives. Dallas, meanwhile, offers up the historical Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, the site of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. On a lighter note, Dallas also has the wonderful Dallas Museum of Art, the Irving Arts Center and the topnotch Dallas World Aquarium.