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ClickandStor®: A Fresh Approach to Storage

ClickandStor® is the first fully integrated move-in software platform available to the self storage industry. This innovative new technology enables you to securely complete move-ins directly from a computer or a mobile smartphone without human interaction, giving you what you want - the ability to move into a unit now.

ClickandStor® provides you the ability to:

All from any device, whether it's a mobile phone or a desktop PC.

And, as the facility you choose is part of the ClickandStor® network you can benefit from our technology directly on their website with our pioneering website integrations!



Ridiculously easy!

"Who can say they were able to move their things into a storage unit on a Sunday without contacting the office days in advance? Fat chance! "

"Applying online for a storage unit here on a Sunday afternoon was ridiculously easy!"

Self Storage Customer at Goldenrod Road Self Storage

Improves trust and conversions...

"Based on current market demand and fast advancing technology, ClickandStor® definitely gives us a competitive advantage for our self storage business. Customers can easily move into a storage unit at their own convenience, even if our staff is not at the facility. As a result, this simplifies the move-in process, and certainly improves trust and conversions with current and potential clients."

"We have moved-in more than 125 units this year so far thanks to ClickandStor®. This revolutionary Online Storage Manager works 24/7! Why do we choose ClickandStor®? INCREDIBLE ROI, Generates ADDITIONAL revenue afterhours, builds OUR brand on the web and no additional labor costs! ... The question should be why wouldn't we choose ClickandStor™! We've mastered the use of this product and have created an operational system that routinely gets multiple move-ins per day for our portfolio of managed properties."

Brenda Scarborough
National Director of the Self Storage Association and CEO/Founder of Accountable Management and Realty, Inc

Worked flawlessly...

"We are very happy with our new online rental system from ClickandStor®! From day one, your system has worked flawlessly, and rentals are coming in left and right for all 11 of our properties – something we couldn't say with our previous system."

"And, the customer service from everyone I worked with at your company was fantastic. Your team should be commended. Thank you!"

Jess Dubbs
Director of Marketing, Investment Real Estate, LLC

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